Why prototype?

Piv0ting P0wer in 2020

Whether you are trying to dominate in online commerce, or empowering communcations for others. Your are ability to change is indispensable.

Less Meetings

Meetings can be expensive, especially when you involve technical people, or important people. So having long meetings about what we imagine transitions to be could be disastrous for any app budget. It's better to have a prototype that brings everyone to same page quickly.

You’re wrong more often than you think

Most of us are wrong a lot during the design process, and that's totally fine, because we can use prototyping to flesh out our bad assumptions during user testing. However, if don't do enough testing some of those assumptions may sneak into production, where there is less flexibility for changes.

Know where you need to go

Because of the flexibility of quick changes during the prototyping process, you can do more user testing. Which gives you the reassurance you are going in the right direction, and visibility of wrong assumptions.

Make sure what you are building is right.

I'm determined to test your business assumptions. My only questions is will you?