Work ········ UX, UI, Frontend
Tools ······· Figma, Framer,React Native

Status ······ Development

Nvivo Music Experience

During a conversation that I had with my friend Igor, we were talking about the future of independent music online. How will independent artists be discovered and make money online in the future?


We really wanted to know how we can quantify the idea of value in the music experience. We as listeners spend a big chunk of our time discovering, organizing and sharing music. But we see no value in return from music streaming companies. We also give very little value in return to the musicians, podcasters or content creators.


How do we know when local musicians are playing live music around us? Since live music is so ephemeral, we wanted to take advantage of that type of urgency. We are playing with augmented reality to overlay musicians and create a sense of closeness as opposed the typical bird view from geo maps.

Live Onboarding

Going live always feels so daunting, especially if you are a creator. I wanted the task of collecting metadata to feel like a conversation not like doctor's appointment form. We all know that the future is "voice".

Social Live Feedback

We all love the likes, upvotes, stars, and hearts. So this app could not work without its own live feedback system and comments.