Work ········· UX, UI, Frontend
Tools ········ Sketch, Marvel,

Status ······· Prototyped

Babl Medium Prototype

The story of how this idea came about has been well documented on a Medium article I wrote in 2016. Our abilities to quickly mock up something into vector form and throw it into any prototyping tools can be really effective when you have lots of people around you to test it.

Content First

When I first arrived at the idea of creating a prototype for the sake of content creation. It was merely a necessity since I was obliged by a bunch legal documents that prevented me to talk about any client work. People always ask me what's going on with the translate app, but I think they are missing the point. The whole idea of creating a prototype is just to validate an idea and to create value for others more talented than me. Raising money, hiring people and running a business is not fun for me. I just wanna design, prototype and create content about that.

After the article was published I went back and designed the onboarding just to satisfy my curiosity on how I would tackle a similar problem. The most important part of this Meetup app wannabe was to match make people that not only knew the same language but that they share common interests. Using Facebook API seems like an obvious answer.

If you would like to check out the prototype yourself here is the link